Wicked Hunting lights.  Deadly on Hogs and Predators. Scope Mounted Green LED.

Wicked Lights™ W400 Predator & Hog Night Hunting Marksman Kit with GREEN LED W400MMGRN

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    Successfully target hogs, coyotes, fox, bobcat, raccoons and varmints with the Wicked Lights W400 Hog and Predator Hunting Marksman Light Package.

    This package includes one 5-Mode interchangeable Green LED W400 Light, two Li-Ion rechargeable batteries, charger,  A/C & DC charge adaptor, 2 weapon mounts, standard push "ON" / "OFF" and coiled cord tail cap with pressure switch,  instruction manual, and limited 3 year warranty.

    The Wicked Lights W-400 is the ideal light for night time Predator & Hog hunting and it’s the best value in its class.  Here’s why:

    • The W400 features a 5-mode brightness level capability STANDARD.  No premium pricing to have the ability to change the light intensity from HIGH > MED > LOW each W400 also has a STROBE and SOS mode as well.
    • The W400 comes in your choice of Green, Red, or White LED.  The LED assembly features a 3-year warranty, and can be changed in the field in less than 30 seconds for those wishing to use or experiment with a diffident led color.  Unlike the competition, replacement colored LEDS are readily available – No need to send it back to the manufacturer for an LED change or having to buy a complete new light so you can hunt with different color LED.  
    • The W400 LED assembly is produced by an ISO9001 certified LED manufacturer for consistent color, reliability, and manufacturing quality.
    • The innovative combination of extra long reflector and screw on LED assembly combine to eliminate the tedious and frustrating LED light focus adjustment procedure found in our competitors designs.  With the LED as a part of the reflector, instead of screwed into the light body, the LED is in perfect focus and adjustment when securely screwed on to the reflector – No adjustment is needed!
    • The W400 is the only self contained light within its class with an optional internal battery charge capability. Our scan light packages come standard with two 18650 batteries, Charger, and AC & D/C charge adaptors.  We also offer many optional accessories including cigarette light plug charger, spare batteries, replacement LEDs, and various weapons mounts. (Internal Charger sold seperatly HERE)
    • Operation temperature:  Minus -20 ~ 105 degrees fahrenheit
    • O-ring sealed, water resistant
    • Precision machined T6 Aircraft grade aluminum with type III hard anodization
    • Picatinny style optics mount for use with 1 inch or 30mm tubes, rugged W400 light mount.
    • Extended reach bezel; Smooth extra long highly polished & coated aluminum
    • Cree LED with 50,000hr life
    • Battery Type: 1ea 18650 PCB 3.7V Lithium-ion (2400 - 3000mAh)
    • Optional internal battery charge capability (Internal Charger sold seperatly HERE)
    • Warranty: Limited three year on light assembly. LED assembly three years.  Battery and charger one year.  See manual for details and limitations
    • The W400 will equal or exceed any LED light within its class. No phony exaggerated 900 LUM ratings, battery life, or bloated animal identification range claims.  Instead realistic battery usage and range estimates:

     Battery Life - Full Power*                  Identify**                         Reflect Eyes**

    White LED              4hrs             up to 200yds                  up to 400yds

    Green LED             3.5hrs           up to  180yds                 up to 400yds

    RED  LED                2hrs             up to  150yds                 up to 400yds

     *Approx battery life using high quality, fully charged, Tenergy 18650 3.7 Li-Ion 2600ma battery.  Note: Battery quality varies widely between brands and ma ratings are often grossly exaggerated on cheap batteries.  During our testing we noted the Tenergy 18650 2600ma batteries would last up to 2 1/2-times longer then many private label brands with 3000ma ratings. Green, Red, and White Led may begin to dim after long periods of continuous operation (as battery discharges).

    **Ambient light (moon phase), scope quality & power setting, LED color, battery state of charge, background foliage, rain, snow, and size and color of target species will all affect range

    Manufacturer specifications are subject to change.


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    1. lovin it

      very good light, shines a long ways and also mounts easy, love the switch on the forarm, works great! on 3rd Dec 2014

    2. Arrived today ........Hog on the ground tonight

      This light was shipped very fast and arrived today (5-30-14)Took it out tonight and when the hogs came out (heard them) and i put the light (green) on them one reacted a little the other didn't but they both stayed and one, well he met his demise. I was only 70 yards away and I wasn't familiar enough with the light yet, put it on strobe trying to dim it down, by accident and they didn't even run away. Great product!! on 30th May 2014

    3. 5 Stars For Sure!!

      I was a skeptic until the first time I used it and scored on 2 hogs and several feeder robbers (coons). on 29th May 2014


      Works as advertised, well worth the money! on 24th Nov 2013

    5. I am a beleaver

      I used the wicked light for the first time, I could see the hogs at 250yds. I followed them all the way into 75yds and they never got spooked. There eyes light up when the light hits them. The others used spotlights and couldn't even see them in the brush, until I shined my light on them. Now there gonna order there own. I highly recommend this light. I use the green light. on 1st Apr 2013

    6. Wicked ligh green

      This light works great, I have the green light and it reaches out a long ways. I plan to get a scan light also will also get the red this time. Worth every penny. on 10th Feb 2013

    7. High Quality

      The lights work well for scanning and shooting, in oher words it lives up to the claims the manufacturer makes for performance. Additionally, the quality is superior to most similar products I have seen. I certainly will recommend this unit to my friends. on 1st Feb 2013

    8. Light up the night

      The 400 light works great. The green LED you can see for miles. The red LED works great also. I will recomend getting a second one, I did, as a spotter. The lights do not spook game at all. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!! on 30th Jan 2013

    9. Well worth the Money

      I live out in the woods on top of a moutain, and it gets very dark up here at night. These lights are everything i wanted in a light,i use this light every night scaning for critters, very bright, last long time with out charging. i`ve had it out in the cold for long periods with no problem. I highy recommend this light. on 14th Jan 2013

    10. Nice light package

      Love my light kit. Everything works nice in the cold of NY. highly recommended. on 14th Jan 2013

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    Wicked Lights Marksman W400 Hog and Predator Night Hunting Light

    See our full selection at: www.allpredatorcalls.com/categories/Night-Hunting/Successfully target hogs, coyotes, fox, bobcat, raccoons and varmints with the Wicked Lights W400 Hog and Predator Hunting Marksman Llight Package.The Wicked Lights W-400 is the ideal light for night time Predator & Hog hunting and it's the best value in its class.