Western Rivers Sounds

**This listing is subject to change**


002-Bear (Brown) ORION.mp3
003-Bear Cub Grunts ORION.mp3
004-Bear Growl 2 (Grizzly) ORION.mp3
005-Bear Growl 3 (Grizzly).mp3
006-Bear Growl (Grizzly).mp3
007-Bear Growl (Grizzly) ORION.mp3
008-Bear Growl ORION.mp3
009-Bear Roaring ORION.mp3
010-Bear(Black) Chomping & Snorting ORION.mp3
011-Bear(Black) Cub Distress.mp3
012-Beaver ORION.mp3
013-Bobcat Distress.mp3
014-Bobcat Purring.mp3
015-Buck Dominant Grunt.mp3
016-Buck Grunt.mp3
017-Buck Grunt 2 (Tending).mp3
018-Buck Grunt 2 (Tending) ORION.mp3
019-Buck Grunt ORION.mp3
020-Buck Rubbing Tree.mp3
021-Buck Snort.mp3
022-Buck Snort ORION.mp3
023-Buck Snort Wheeze.mp3
024-Buck Social Grunt.mp3
025-Buck Social Grunt ORION.mp3
026-Buck Tending Grunt.mp3
027-Buck Tending Grunt ORION.mp3
028-Bucks Fighting.mp3
029-Bucks Rattling Antlers.wav
030-Bucks Sparring.mp3
031-Bucks Sparring 2.mp3
032-Canada Geese (1).mp3
033-Canada Geese Flock.mp3
034-Canada Geese Flock ORION.mp3
035-Canada Goose (1).mp3
036-Canada Goose (1) ORION.mp3
037-Canada Goose (2).mp3
038-Canada Goose (2) ORION.mp3
039-Canada Goose Call.mp3
040-Canada Goose Call ORION.mp3
041-Canada Goose Clucks & Double Clucks.mp3
042-Canada Goose Come Back Call.mp3
043-Canada Goose Come Back Call 2.mp3
044-Canada Goose Come Back Call 2 ORION.mp3
045-Canada Goose Come Back Call ORION.mp3
046-Canada Goose Greeting Call.mp3
047-Canada Goose Greeting Call 2.mp3
048-Canada Goose Greeting Call ORION.mp3
049-Canada Goose Intermediate Greeting Call.mp3
050-Canada Goose Laydown Call.mp3
051-Canine Distress.mp3
052-Canine Pup Distress.mp3
053-Chicken (Domestic) ORION.mp3
054-Chicken Distress (1).mp3
055-Chicken Distress (1) ORION.mp3
057-Chickens (2).mp3
058-Chickens (3).mp3
059-Chickens (4).mp3
061-Cottontail Distress.MP3
062-Cottontail Distress (1).mp3
063-Cottontail Distress (1) ORION.mp3
064-Cottontail Distress (ORION).mp3
065-Cottontail Distress Young.mp3
066-Cottontail ORION.mp3
067-Cougar Growling.mp3
068-Cow Baby Calf ORION.mp3
069-Coyote & Cottontail Distress.mp3
070-Coyote & Cottontail Distress ORION.mp3
071-Coyote & Fawn Distress.mp3
072-Coyote & Fawn Distress ORION.mp3
073-Coyote & Turkey Distress.mp3
074-Coyote & Turkey Distress ORION.mp3
075-Coyote Barking.mp3
076-Coyote Barking ORION.mp3
077-Coyote Challenge.MP3
078-Coyote Challenge Bark (1).mp3
079-Coyote Challenge Bark (1) ORION.mp3
080-Coyote Challenge Dominant Male.mp3
081-Coyote Challenge Dominant Male ORION.mp3
082-Coyote Challenge Howl.mp3
083-Coyote Challenge ORION.mp3
084-Coyote Challenge Mature.mp3
085-Coyote Challenge Mature ORION.mp3
086-Coyote Greeting.mp3
087-Coyote Greeting Howl (1).mp3
088-Coyote Greeting Howl (1) ORION.mp3
089-Coyote Howl (1).mp3
090-Coyote Howling.mp3
091-Coyote Howling (Female).mp3
092-Coyote Howling (Female) ORION.mp3
093-Coyote Howling ORION.wav
094-Coyote Locator (1).mp3
095-Coyote Locator (1) ORION.mp3
096-Coyote Locator (2).mp3
097-Coyote Locator (2) ORION.mp3
098-Coyote Locator (3) ORION.mp3
099-Coyote Locator (4).mp3
100-Coyote Locator (4) ORION.mp3
101-Coyote Lone Challenge.mp3
102-Coyote Lone Challenge ORION.mp3
103-Coyote Lone Howl (1).mp3
104-Coyote Lone Howl (1) ORION.mp3
105-Coyote Lone Howl (2).mp3
106-Coyote Lone Howl (2) ORION.mp3
107-Coyote Pack Howling.mp3
108-Coyote Pup.mp3
109-Coyote Pup Distress (1).mp3
110-Coyote Pup Distress (1) ORION.mp3
111-Coyote Pup ORION.mp3
112-Coyote Pups Howling.mp3
114-Crow & Dove.mp3
115-Crow & Dove ORION.mp3
116-Crow & Hawk Fight.mp3
118-Crow (1).mp3
119-Crow (1) ORION.mp3
122-Crow (Mega 2).mp3
123-Crow (Mega 2) ORION.mp3
128-Crow Frenzy.mp3
129-Crow Frenzy ORION.mp3
130-Crow ORION.mp3
131-Deer Pawing.mp3
132-Doe Bleat.mp3
133-Doe Bleat (2).mp3
134-Doe Bleat (2) ORION.mp3
135-Doe Bleat ORION.mp3
136-Doe Bleats.mp3
137-Doe Bleats ORION.mp3
138-Doe Estrus Bleat Heavy.mp3
139-Doe Estrus Bleat Heavy ORION.mp3
140-Doe Estrus Bleat Mild.mp3
141-Dove (Mourning).mp3
142-Eagle2 ORION.wav
143-Eagle ORION.wav
144-Elephant1 ORION.mp3
145-Elephant ORION.mp3
146-Elk - Cow (Adult).mp3
147-Elk - Cow (Adult) ORION.mp3
148-Elk Bellows (1) ORION.mp3
149-Elk Bellows (2) ORION.mp3
150-Elk Bugle (1) ORION.mp3
151-Elk Bugle (2).mp3
152-Elk Bugle (2) ORION.mp3
153-Elk Bugle (Adult).mp3
154-Elk Bugle (Adult) ORION.mp3
155-Elk Bugle (Young).mp3
156-Elk Bugle (Young) ORION.mp3
157-Elk Bugle Grunt.mp3
158-Elk Bugle Grunt ORION.mp3
159-Elk Grunt.mp3
160-Elk Grunt & Bellow ORION.mp3
161-Elk Grunt ORION.mp3
162-Falcon ORION.wav
163-Fawn  Distress.mp3
164-Fawn Distress.mp3
165-Fawn Distress 1 ORION.mp3
166-Fawn Distress (1).mp3
167-Fawn Distress (2) ORION.mp3
168-Field Mouse.mp3
169-Fox & Coyote Puppy ORION.mp3
177-Goose (Domestic) ORION.mp3
178-Goshawk (1) ORION.mp3
179-Goshawk Wailing Call (1) ORION.mp3
180-Gray Fox.mp3
182-Gray Fox ORION.mp3
184-Hawk & Magpie ORION.mp3
185-Hawk ORION.mp3
186-Hog Distress (Wild).mp3
188-Jackrabbit (1).mp3.MP3
189-Jackrabbit (2).mp3
191-Jackrabbit Distress.mp3
192-Jackrabbit Distress (1).mp3
193-Jackrabbit Distress (1) ORION.mp3
194-Jackrabbit Distress ORION.mp3
195-Jackrabbit Squalls.mp3
197-Jaguar ORION.wav
198-Javelina Huffing.mp3
199-Javelinas Feeding ORION.mp3
200-Juvenile Jack Rabbit ORION.mp3
202-Lamb Bleats.mp3
203-Lamb Bleats ORION.mp3
204-Lamb ORION.mp3
205-Lamb ORION.wav
206-Lambs Eating ORION.mp3
207-Leopard1 ORION.mp3
208-Leopard Growls.MP3
209-Leopard Growls ORION.mp3
210-Leopard ORION.wav
211-Lion3 ORION.wav
212-Lion 2.MP3
213-Lion 3.MP3
214-Lion 3 ORION.mp3
215-Lion 4.MP3
216-Lion cub.mp3
217-Lion Cub.wav
218-Lion cub ORION.mp3
219-Lion Cub ORION.wav
220-Loon Talking ORION.mp3
221-Magpie Chirps ORION.mp3
222-Mallard Comeback Call.mp3
223-Mallard Comeback Call 2.mp3
224-Mallard Duck (Competition).mp3
225-Mallard Duck (Competition) ORION.mp3
226-Mallard Duck Field Duck Call.mp3
227-Mallard Duck Lonesome  Hen.mp3
228-Mallard Duck Lonesome  Hen ORION.mp3
229-Mallard Duck Molded Double Reed Duck Call.mp3
230-Mallard Duck Molded Single Reed Duck Call.mp3
231-Mallard Duck Timber Call.mp3
232-Mallard Feed Call.mp3
233-Mallard Feed Call ORION.mp3
234-Mallard Greeting Call.mp3
235-Mallard Greeting Call 2.mp3
236-Mallard Greeting Call (3).mp3
237-Mallard Greeting Call ORION.mp3
238-Mallard Hail Call.mp3
239-Mallard Hail Call ORION.mp3
240-Mallards Flying.MP3
241-Mallards Flying ORION.mp3
242-Martin (Blue) ORION.mp3
243-Monkey Distress ORION.mp3
245-Moose (Bull).mp3
246-Moose (Bull) ORION.mp3
247-Moose Grunt 1.mp3
248-Moose Grunt 1.wav
249-Moose Grunt 1 ORION.mp3
250-Moose Grunt 2.mp3
251-Moose Grunt 2.wav
252-Moose Grunt 2 ORION.mp3
253-Moose Grunt 2 ORION.wav
254-Moose Grunt 3.mp3
255-Moose Grunt 3.wav
256-Moose Grunt 3 ORION.mp3
257-Moose Grunt 4.mp3
258-Moose Grunt 4 ORION.mp3
259-Moose Grunt 4 ORION.wav
260-Owl (1) ORION.mp3
261-Owl (2) ORION.mp3
262-Owl (Screech) ORION.mp3
263-Owl (Spotted) ORION.mp3
265-Panther ORION.mp3
266-Panther Pants.mp3
267-Panther Pants ORION.mp3
269-Pig ORION.mp3
270-Pig ORION.wav
271-Piglet Baby.mp3
272-Pigmy Goat.mp3
273-Pintail Whistle.mp3
274-Pintail Whistle ORION.mp3
275-Prairie Dog ORION.mp3
276-Quail (Bob White 1).mp3
277-Quail (Bob White 1) ORION.mp3
278-Quail (California) .mp3
279-Quail (California) ORION.mp3
280-Raccoon Babies.mp3
281-Raccoon Babies.wav
282-Raccoon Babies ORION.mp3
283-Raccoon Babies ORION.wav
284-Raccoon Pup.mp3
285-Raccoon Pup ORION.mp3
286-Raccoon Puppies.mp3
287-Raccoon Puppies ORION.mp3
288-Raccoon Squall.mp3
289-Raccoon Squall (Adult).mp3
290-Raccoon Squall (Mity Max).mp3
291-Raccoon Squall (Young).mp3
292-Raccoon Squall (Young) ORION.mp3
293-Raccoon Squall ORION.mp3
294-Raspy Rabbit.mp3
295-Raspy Rabbit ORION.mp3
296-Raven Signal.mp3
297-Rodent Distress (ORION).mp3
298-Sand Hill Crane Flying ORION.mp3
299-Sand Hill Crane ORION.mp3
302-Siren (2) ORION.mp3
303-Siren ORION.mp3
304-Snow Geese.MP3
305-Snow Geese Feeding.mp3
306-Snow Geese Feeding (1).mp3
307-Snow Geese Feeding (2).mp3
308-Snow Goose Call.mp3
309-Snow Goose Call ORION.mp3
310-Snow Goose Feeding.mp3
311-Snow Goose Feeding (1).mp3
312-Snow Goose Feeding Modified.mp3
313-Snow Goose Flock (Large).mp3
314-Snow Goose Flock (Large) Modified.mp3
315-Snow Goose Flock (Large) Modified ORION.mp3
316-Snow Goose Flock (Small).mp3
317-Snow Goose Flock (Small) Modified.mp3
318-Snow Goose Modified.mp3
319-Snow Goose Modified ORION.mp3
320-Speckle Belly Goose Call .mp3
321-Speckle Belly Goose Modified.mp3
322-Squirrel 2 (Gray).mp3
323-Squirrel 2 (Gray) ORION.mp3
324-Squirrel Chattering.mp3
325-Squirrel Chattering (2).mp3
326-Squirrel Chattering (2) ORION.mp3
327-Squirrel Chattering (Chickaree) .mp3
328-Squirrel Chattering (Chickaree) ORION.mp3
329-Squirrel Chattering(Antelope).mp3
330-Squirrel Chattering(Antelope) ORION.mp3
331-Squirrel Distress.mp3
332-Tiger Growls ORION.mp3
333-Turkey Cackle.mp3
334-Turkey Cackle 1.mp3
335-Turkey Cackle 1 ORION.mp3
336-Turkey Cackle ORION.mp3
337-Turkey Chicks.mp3
338-Turkey Chicks ORION.mp3
339-Turkey Cluck 1.mp3
340-Turkey Cluck 1 ORION.mp3
341-Turkey Cluck 2.mp3
342-Turkey Cluck 2 ORION.mp3
343-Turkey Cutt.mp3
344-Turkey Cutt ORION.mp3
345-Turkey Cutting.mp3
346-Turkey Cutting (1).mp3
347-Turkey Cutting (1) ORION.mp3
348-Turkey Cutting ORION.mp3
349-Turkey Fighting Purr 1.mp3
350-Turkey Fly Down Cackle.mp3
351-Turkey Fly Down Cackle 2.mp3
352-Turkey Fly Down Cackle 2 ORION.mp3
353-Turkey Fly Down Cackle ORION.mp3
354-Turkey Gobble.mp3
355-Turkey Gobble 2.mp3
356-Turkey Gobble (1).mp3
357-Turkey Gobble ORION.mp3
358-Turkey Hen Yelp.mp3
359-Turkey Hen Yelp (1).mp3
360-Turkey Hen Yelp (1) ORION.mp3
361-Turkey Hen Yelp ORION.mp3
362-Turkey Hens.mp3
363-Turkey Kee Kee.mp3
364-Turkey Kee Kee (1).mp3
365-Turkey Kee Kee (1) ORION.mp3
366-Turkey Kee Kee ORION.mp3
367-Turkey Kee Kee Run.mp3
368-Turkey Kee Kee Run 1.mp3
369-Turkey Kee Kee Run 1 ORION.mp3
370-Turkey Kee Kee Run ORION.mp3
371-Turkey Lost Yelp 1.mp3
372-Turkey Lost Yelp 1 ORION.mp3
373-Turkey Panic.mp3
374-Turkey Purr.mp3
375-Turkey Purr (1).mp3
376-Turkey Purr (1) ORION.mp3
377-Turkey Purr (2).mp3
378-Turkey Purr (2) ORION.mp3
379-Turkey Purr ORION.mp3
380-Turkey Toms.mp3
381-Turkey Tree Call.mp3
382-Turkey Tree Call ORION.mp3
383-Turkey Tree Yelp.mp3
384-Turkey Tree Yelp ORION.mp3
385-Turkey Whine.mp3
386-Turkey Whine ORION.mp3
387-Turkey Yelp 1.mp3
388-Turkey Yelp 1 ORION.mp3
389-Turkey Yelp 4.mp3
390-Turkey Yelp 4 ORION.mp3
392-Wolf2 ORION.mp3
393-Wolf2 ORION.wav
394-Wolf Howls 2.mp3
395-Wolf Howls 3.mp3
398-Woodstorks in Rain ORION.mp3
399-Woodstorks(Baby) ORION.mp3
400-Young Turkey Chick Distress.mp3
1-Cow 13 Come Get Me Big Boy by Dave Kelso.mp3"
1-Cow 13 In Heat Locator Call by Dave Kelso.mp3
1-Cow 13 In Heat Long by Dave Kelso.mp3
1-Cow 13 In Heat Short Call by Dave Kelso.mp3
2-Young Cow Come Get Me Big Boy by Dave Kelso.mp3
2-Young Cow In Heat Locator by Dave Kelso.mp3
2-Young Cow In Heat Long Call by Dave Kelso.mp3
2-Young Cow In Heat Short Call by Dave Kelso.mp3
3-Old Cow Come Get Me Big Boy by Dave Kelso.mp3
3-Old Cow In Heat Locator Call by Dave Kelso.mp3
3-Old Cow In Heat Long Call by Dave Kelso.mp3
3-Old Cow In Heat Short Call by Dave Kelso.mp3
4-Cow In Heat Not Ready to Stand by Dave Kelso.mp3
Bull Raking Bush by Dave Kelso.mp3
Bull Raking Tree by Dave Kelso.mp3
Bulls Fighting by Dave Kelso.mp3
Cow Harrassed by Young Bull by Dave Kelso.mp3
Cow Moose In Distress by Dave Kelso.mp3
Old Bull Challenge Call by Dave Kelso.mp3
Old Bull In Love by Dave Kelso.mp3
Old Bull In Love Hound Dogging by Dave Kelso.mp3
Old Bull Territorial Call by Dave Kelso.mp3
Old Bull Wants To Fight by Dave Kelso.mp3
Summer Calf In Distress 2 by Dave Kelso.mp3
Winter Calf In Distress 1 by Dave Kelso.mp3
Young Bull In Love by Dave Kelso.mp3
Young Bull In Love Hound Dogging by Dave Kelso.mp3
Young Bull Territorial by Dave Kelso .mp3
Young Bull Wants To Fight by Dave Kelso.mp3