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Sound Listing for Primos Alpha & Turbo Dogg
Adult Cottontail Distress X X RA_Adult C.tail Distress
Adult Jackrabbit Distress X X RA_Adult Jack Distress
Adult Raccoon Distress X X RA_Coon Adult Distress
Antelope Fawn Bleat X   GT_Antelope Fawn Bleat
Baby Chicks X X RA_Baby Chicks
Baby Cottontail Distress X X RA_Baby C.tail Distress
Baby Hoochie Mamma Cow X   STL_Baby Hoochie
Baby Jackrabbit Distress X X RA_Baby Jack Distress
Big Cottontail X X GT_Big Cottontail
Bird Wounded Panic X   GT_Bird Wounded Panic
Blue Jay Distress X X GT_Blue Jay Distress
Bobcat in Heat X   GT_Bobcat in Heat
Brush Breaking X X GT_Brush Breaking
Buck Grunt_Stomping X   Buck Grunt_Stomping
Buck Roar X   Live Buck Roar
Buck Roar Tending Grunts X   Buck Roar Tending Grunts
Buck Stomping Brush X   Buck Stomping Brush
Buck Stomping in Brush X   Buck Stomping Brush
Bucks Fighting X   Bucks Fighting
Canadian Goose 4 X X GT_Canadian Goose 4
Cardinal Death Cry X X GT_Cardinal Death Cry
Cat Domestic Mad X X GT_Domestic Mad Cat
Coon Fight X   GT_Coon Fight
Cougar 2 X   GT_Stressed n Mad
Cougar 3 X   GT_Cougar Growl
Cougar Female X   GT_Cougar Female
Coyote Challange Howls X X RA_Coyote Challange Howls
Coyote Distress X X RA_Coyote Distress KIYI B_
Coyote Distress 22 Seconds X X Coyote Distress 22 Seconds
Coyote Distress 8 Seconds X X Coyote Distress 8 Seconds
Coyote Pup Distress X X RA_Pup Distress
Coyote Pups Frenzy X X RA_Coyote Pups Frenzy
Coyote Pups Serenade Howls X X RA_Pups Serenade Howls
Coyote Siren X X GT_Coyote Serenade
Coyote Siren #1 X X GT_Coyote Siren
Coyote Wimper 1 X X Coyote Wimper 1
Coyote Wimper 2 X X Coyote Wimper 2
Coyote Wimper 3 X X Coyote Wimper 3
Coyote Wimper 4 X X Coyote Wimper 4
Coyote Wimper 5 X X Coyote Wimper 5
Coyote Wimper 6 X X Coyote Wimper 6
Coyote Wimper 7 X X Coyote Wimper 7
Crow & Baby Owl X   GT_Attacking Baby Owl
Crow 1 X X GT_Crow 1
Crow Attack X X GT_Crow Attack
Crow Frenzy X   GT_Crow Frenzy
Crow Young X   GT_Crow Young
Deer Baby Fawn Distress X X RA_Baby Fawn Distress
Deer Fawn Distress X X RA_Fawn Distress
Deer Run Roar UpRoar X   Deer Run Roar UpRoar
Deer Running X   Deer Running
Doe Bleat from Original Can X X STL_Orig Can Bleat
Doe Bleet from UpRoar Call X   STL_UpRoar Doe Bleat
Doe Bleat Original Can X   Doe Bleat Original Can
Dog Pup 1 X   GT_Dog Pup 1
Domestic Baby Pup Distress X X RA_Baby Puppy DistressLP
Elk Bugle X X Elk Bugle 1
Female Coyote Whimpers X X RA_Female Whimpers
Female Invitation Howls 1 X X RA_Female Inv Howls 1
Female Invitation Howls 1 X X Female Invitation Howls
Field Mouse X X GT_Field Mouse
Fighting Horns Leaves X   Fighting Horns Leaves
Fox Crying X   GT_Fox Crying
Fox Kit Crying X   GT_Fox Kit Crying
Goat Baby Pigmy X   GT_Goat Baby Pigmy
Gobble X X Gobble
Gopher Distress X X RA_Gopher Distress
Grey Fox Attack X X GT_Grey Fox Attack
Grunt from Buck Roar Call X   STL_Buck Roar Grunt
Grunt from UpRoar Call X X STL_UpRoar Grunt
GT_Coyote Howls n Bark X   GT_Coyote Howls n Bark
Hoochie Mamma Cow X X STL_Hoochie Mamma
Interrogation Howl X X RA_Interogation Howl
Juvenile Coon Distress X X RA_Juvenile Coon Distress
Lamb Distress X   GT_Lamb Distress
Leaves Roar on UpRoar X   Leaves Roar on UpRoar
Mad Magpie X   GT_Mad Magpie
Mole Squeak X   GT_Mole Squeek
One Snort Wheeze X   One Snort Wheeze
Owl Hooting Laughing X   Owl Hooting Laughing
Pig Distress X X GT_Pig Distress
Prairie Dog Gather Call X   GT_Prairie Dog Gather
Princess Distress X   GT_Princess Distress
RA_Challenge Howl - 3 X X RA_Challenge Howl - 3
RA_Challenge Howl - 4 X X RA_Challenge Howl - 4
RA_Challenge Howl -1 X X RA_Challenge Howl -1
RA_Challenge Howl -5 X X RA_Challenge Howl -5
RA_Mad Jack Distress X X RA_Mad Jack Distress
Raccoon Juvenile Mad X   GT_Raccoon Juvenile Mad
Rattling on Fighting Horns X X STL_Fighting Horns
Red Tail Hawk Screech X   GT_Red Hawk Screech
Roar on UpRoar Walking X   Roar on UpRoar Walking
Robin Distress X X GT_Robin Distress
Rodent Distress X X RA_Rodent Distress
Rodent High Distress X   GT_Rodent High Distress
Scrub Hare 1 X   GT_Scrub Hare 1
Serenade Howls X X RA_Serenade Howls
Silence 1 Seconds X X Silence 1s
Silence 1.5 min. X X Silence 1.5min.
Silence 10 Seconds X X Silence 10s
Silence 1 min. X X Silence 1min.
Silence 2 min. X X Silence 2min.
Silence 2 Seconds X X Silence 2s
Silence 3 min. X X Silence 3min.
Silence 3 Seconds X X Silence 3s
Silence 30 Seconds X X Silence 30s
Silence 45 Seconds X X Silence 45s
Silence 5 Seconds X X Silence 5s
Snort Wheeze from Buck Roar Call X X STL_Snort Wheeze
Snow Goose Flock X X GT_Snow Goose Flock
Spring Hare 4 X   GT_Spring hare 4
Squirrel Grey Distress X X GT_Grey Distress
Starling Distress X   GT_Starling Distress
STL_Roar on UpRoar X   STL_Roar on UpRoar
Tending Buck Walking X   Tending Buck Walking
Thrashing Leaves X X Thrashing Leaves
Three Buck Roar Grunts X   Three Buck roar Grunts
Tree Rubbing X   Buck Tree Rubbing
Turkey Distress X X Turkey Distress
Two Buck Roar Grunts X   Two Buck Roar Grunts
Woodpecker Distress X X RA_Woodpecker Distress
Yelps & Cuts X X Yelps & Cuts
Young Coyote Answer Howl X X RA_Young Answer Howl
Young Flicker Distress X   RA_Young Flicker Distress
Young Jackrabbit Distress X X RA_Young Jack Distress
Young Challenge_Howl_1 X X GT_Young Challenge Howl 1
Young Challenge_Howl_2 X X GT_Young Challenge Howl 2
Young Challenge_Howl_3 X X GT_Young Challenge Howl 3
Young Challenge_Howl_4&5 X X GT_Challenge Howl 4&5

Expert Hunts

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Coyote Cottontail Set: Most Predator callers don't wait long enough after they howl to let the Coyotes respond by howling back to you or coming in. So after the interrogation howls we will wait 2 minutes. You can pause for a longer wait if you like. I like to answer the initial howls with more howls because it sounds more realistic and can rev up the coyotes more. During the cottontail distress be ready with hot buttons. I usually do pup or coyote distress at the end of sets if nothing else works, but you must remember any time you change sounds during sets you must give that coyote time to get there if he has hung up to your previous calling.

Coyote Jack Set [Alpha Only]: This time after the interrogation howls I follow with female invitation howls. When hunting small areas or if you are going back to the same spots you have called before, it's good to change things up a little. After using my initial distress for a while I like to follow up with a second distress sound to help move the coyote along. On this set I go to the baby jack.

Coyote Fawn Set [Alpha Only]: After the initial female invitation howls I go to the serenade howls. Remember the coyotes will often answer back to the serenade howls any time of the day but can also be coming on the runto them like you see on my DVD's, so be ready. Callers need to use the fawn sounds more because I've even called in coyotes and does in the dead of winter. You can also howl later in the sets like we do on this one with the young answer howl. We even use a domestic pup distress this time to try and shake that ole coyote loose.

Denning Set: Coyotes give birth to pups usually between the end of March and the beginning of June. We start this set out with female invitation howls because these howls from the mother coyote will gather her pups for whatever reason, let's say to take them hunting for prey. So be ready after these howls for some higher pitched pup answer howls or the pups themselves coming in. Don't forget the adult male coyote, he may also respond. The pup in distress or pup frenzy sounds not only will call in mom and dad coyote, but will also call in pups and other coyotes not in the immediate family group.

Territorial Set: Coyote adult breeding pairs stake out an area and try to protect it from other coyotes mainly because they don't like other coyotes stealing their rabbits or prey animals that they will eventually be feeding their pups. They will warn other coyotes with challenge howls first and then come in to actually run these intruders off physically. So on this set we are imitating two coyotes challenging back and forth and then battling, thus the KIYI sounds. Don't be surprised if during these calling sets you hear a coyote challenge for you. Then you can opt out of the set you are in and go right to this set.

Mating Set: We start this set with a female coyote howling and then answer her with male interrogation howls. In the real coyote world the males have to find the females either by just roaming around or coming to her howls. So we are trying here to drum up this scenario. When the female coyote gets physically ready to breed, she will then really start inviting the male in. If the male is there and tries to breed her too early she can make a whimpering sound. we also put in KIYI's because other males can come in to her also and battle her. The crazy thing about this is you don't just call in the males; you can also call in other females and all kinds of coyotes. On one of my DVD's you can watch 13 coyotes running all around me.

If you have any questions you can purchase my Mastering the Art DVD for more instruction. Thanks and Good Calling. - Randy Anderson

Master the Art Predator Pack $24.95

Mastering the Art $9.95

Mastering the Art (Revised) $12.95

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