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FOXPRO Spitfire

This model has been discontinued and replaced by the Wildfire

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Spitfire Front View 

FOXPRO is proud to present it's most economical remote unit, the SpitFire. The SpitFire combines a variety of features at an unbelievable price. The SpitFire pairs up with the new TX-24 transmitter which features include A full LCD control which displays the name of the sound, the ability to instantly change to any of the 24 sounds programmed on the unit, volume “Up” and “Down” controls for ultra smooth transition in volume changes, volume level indicator, low battery indicator, a Pause/Mute feature, volume indicator, & Aux control for the ability to remotely control FOXPRO's Jack-in-the-Box decoy.  

The Spitfire also includes 24 high Quality FOXPRO Calls - YOU Pick them—WE At AllPredatorCalls.com Load them! Visit Our Sound Selection Page HERE

The SpitFire features a rugged ABS injection molded housing for superior strength and durability. A single high quality horn speaker is built in for great volume and a crisp sound. An auxiliary jack is present to plug in an approved auxiliary device, such as the FOXPRO Jack in the Box decoy. The external speaker jack allows you to plug in an additional speaker to increase your volume if desired. You can disable your internal speaker via the speaker “on/off” slide switch. The low battery/pilot light allows you to see when your SpitFire is turned on and also blinks when your batteries are getting low. The tripod mount located on the bottom of the SpitFire allows you to elevate your caller off of the ground when hooking it up to a tripod.

The SpitFire runs off of 4AA batteries. Alkaline batteries are recommended for use with this unit. You will see run times of 20-24 hours off of a fresh set of alkaline batteries. It comes with 24 high quality FOXPRO sounds. The SpitFire is user reprogrammable from home. The sounds are stored on a 1GB micro-SD card. A compatible reader/writer (not included) is necessary for reprogramming. It is capable of playing FOXPRO’s own FXP audio files as well as MP3 and WAV files.

The TX-24 gives you full control of the SpitFire at your fingertips. It features a LCD display which shows you the title of the sound you are playing. Also, it displays the volume level you are operating at when you make a volume change. There are 5 volume steps, ranging from 1-5. The mute button not only mutes the sound, but acts as a pause feature also. When you un-mute the sound, it will start playing where it left off, rather than starting over. The Spitfire is capable of reaching ranges of beyond 100+ yards (under ideal conditions) for remote operation. If you make changes to the sounds on the SpitFire, you can upload the sound list to the TX-24 by use of the upload jack located on the side of the transmitter. The TX-24 operates off a single 9V alkaline battery, with run times of 100+ hours.

The Spitfire is an all around great unit economically priced. For those of you on a budget, there is not another caller available in its price range with all of the features of the Spitfire. As with all of our other products, the SpitFire is proudly made in the USA.

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Size comparison with the Fury.


Size comparison with the older FP416


Spitfire Features

TX24 Features | Back to Top | Video | Sounds | Purchase

•  Single high-efficiency horn speaker (includes external speaker jack for additional speaker if desired)

• Auxiliary Jack (to connect to a devise such as the Jack-in-the-Box Decoy or Mr Mister scent mister system)

• Includes 24 Calls of your choice (See the Master Sound Library HERE)

• User Reprogrammable. Plays .FXP, WAV and MP3 audio files

• Operates on 4 "AA" batteries (for up to 20 hours of operation).  

• Features low battery indicator

• External speaker jack for additional speaker if desired

• Features an Internal Antenna - No External Antenna

• Compact Design. Weight: 1.5 lbs with batteries installed.  Approx size.  Length:  7 inches. Width:  4 inches.  Height: 5 inches.



TX24 Remote Features

Spitfire Features | Back to Top | Video | Sounds | Purchase

 • Large LCD Panel. Displays the name of the sound

• Send button to activate desired sound

• Sound Up/Down buttons

• Volume Up/Down buttons

• Volume level indictor

• Low battery indicator

• Mute Button

• Remote Control operates on one 9- Volt battery

• Features an Internal Antenna - No External Antenna

• Made in USA

• Review the Spitfire manual HERE

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