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FOXPRO Prairie Blaster


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FOXPRO Prairie Blaster

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FOXPRO Prairie Blaster II

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   This unit combines many of the great features found in the FOXPRO Fury GX7 along with a built-in remote operated decoy to present the most advanced electronic game call in its particular class and style. The unit is 100% user programmable and comes standard with 100 sounds your choice (in total, the unit can store up to 500 sounds with the included 4GB of storage space). It can play .FXP (FOXPRO's proprietary sound file), .24B (FOXPRO's proprietary 24 bit sound file), MP3, and uncompressed .WAV file types.

    This unit packs a punch with TRUE 24 bit audio at 48KHz sample rates. Aside from the FOXPRO Fury GX7 and CS24, this is the only other unit on the market today that has been proven to play 24 bit audio files. Not to mention, plays with TRUE CD quality. The system reproduces loud and crystal clear audio from the lowest to highest volume settings.

   Unlike similar calls on the market, this unit features an integrated USB port, auxiliary device jack (allows for controlling of other FOXPRO approved devices), external speaker jack with separate amplifier, low battery indicator, three unique modes of sound playback, mono and stereo mode operation selectable via TX-500 remote control, and boasts greater audio power output than other similar styled units.

   The unit comes standard with the TX-500 remote control. The TX-500 remote control is the most advanced remote control available on the market today. This remote gives you 10 sound presets with custom volume levels and two quick access buttons for your most frequently used sounds. The TX-500 has an extra-large LCD panel that displays the entire names of the sounds you wish to play (other similar units have NO LCD panel which forces the user to rely upon labels or memorization). The LCD panel displays the volume level, elapsed timer, current audio mode (stereo/mono), battery level indicator, mute status indicator, and has a fully configurable setup through an easy to use menu navigational system.

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Size Comparison with the Fury

Key Features Listing:

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  • 4 Total Speakers. Combines the popular SP-55 horn speaker, a large cone speaker, and two tweeters (one in the front, and one in the back) for high end frequency response, for superb audio quality, and ear shattering volume and sound projection.
  • Built-in Jack-In-The- Box decoy. Remote operated and removable if desired.
  • 4GB of Internal Storage. Store and play up to 500 sounds with the massive 4GB of internal memory! This unit will come standard with 100 high-quality sounds from FOXPRO's incredible sound library.
  • 24-Bit Audio. 24-bit audio for extreme audio performance. The unit can play .mp3, uncompressed .wav, .fxp (FOXPRO's proprietary file type), and .24b (FOXPRO's 24-bit file type).
  • External Speaker Jack. Connect an additional speaker!
  • USB 2.0 Port. Quickly and easily reprogram your unit right from your computer!
  • Stereo or Mono Operation. Stereo and mono operational modes can be selected from the TX-500 remote control.
  • Red Backlit LCD Display
  • Base Unit Operates on 8 "D" cell batteries or OPTIONAL sealed lead acid maintenance free rechargable 12VDC battery. Approx 20 hours of continuous operation.
  • Size: Approx. Length - 14.5 inches. Width - 6.5 inches. Height - 8.5 inches.   Weight - 9.5 lbs with batteries installed.
  • Low Battery Indicator.
  • EXTREME volume capability (perfect for crow, waterfowl and open country predator callers).

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Older Style TX200 Remote on left / All New TX500 Remote On Right

TX-500 Remote Features:

  • Improved Remote Performance By utilizing FHSS technology, remote range and reliability will greatly increase.
  • Extra-Large LCD Panel. The extra large LCD panel provides easy to read text and menu navigation. The LCD panel features a red back light with adjustable brightness control (off, low, medium, high). You can also invert the graphics display for nighttime operation.
  • Numeric Keypad. Sound Entry Don't like scrolling through your sounds? Directly enter the number of the sound you wish to play on the numeric keypad for direct access. For those that prefer the scrolling, the rotary selector knob allows you to scroll through sounds without the need for memorizing your sound list.
  • Adjustable Sound Scrolling. Use the rotary knob to advance through sounds by the page (default) or by single sounds one at a time.
  • 10 Custom Sound Presets. Store up to 10 custom sound presets with individual volume levels. Two quick access preset buttons are located on the side of the TX-500.
  • Three Sound Playback Modes. Continuous Mode results in the selected sound playing continuously until you stop it.
  • Single Play Mode allows you to have the selected sound play once, then stop.
  • Sequential Mode will play one sound to the end then move on to the next sound.
  • Adjustable Volume Ramping. Set the increment speed for volume increase and decrease. For example, you can assign each volume up/down button press the be equal to 2, 4, 5, 8, or 10 steps.
  • Mono/Stereo Operation. Select mono or stereo audio operation from the remote control.
  • FOXBANG Technology - With FOXBANG activated the caller automatically switches to your preset #1 (often set as a coyote in distress, as they often will stop, or come back to the call, even after discharging your firearm) This allows for hands free sound changing operation to help keep your eyes focused on the field where it counts. 
  • Mute Button.
  • Volume Up/Down.
  • Recall Button. Instantly jump back to the last sound and volume level played with the push of a button!
  • Remote Control operates on 3 'AA' Batteries.
  • The FOXPRO Prairie Blaster is backed with a 5 year limited warranty.
  • Made in USA.

$699.95 FOXPRO Prairie Blaster II with Decoy, TX500 Series Remote, and 100 Custom Calls of your choice - PURCHASE HERE

Optional Internal Rechargeable Battery Pack Is Available!

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Optional Internal 12VDC 3.2 Amp hour rated battery with charger $69.95

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