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Fx3 Features | "Jack-in-the-Box" | Q & A | Pictures



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  • All solid-state, no moving parts. The sounds are stored in permanent 100 year memory. No motors, belts, gears, or cogs.
  • Completely self-contained and hand held. No sound cards, cassettes, speakers or wires to fuss with.
  • The FX3 features dual speakers, each with its own amplifier, for improved frequency response and increased volume--an industry first! One speaker is located in the front of the unit, and the other is located in the rear, and each is controlled with its own switch. YOU control whether you want the front speaker to play, the rear speaker to play, or BOTH speakers to play at the same time.
  • You can also plug in an external speaker (offered by FOXPRO), and have all 3 speakers play at the same time.
  • Each unit comes standard with 32 calls of YOUR CHOICE, and features virtually UNLIMITED sound loops with 256mb of digital storage. Click here to check out the HUGE library of calls that are available - You pick 32! We Load the calls and ship your unit.
  • The built in USB port allows for instant download of sounds—no reader/writer necessary. The FX3 is designed to play mp3, uncompressed wav files, and fxp (FOXPRO's own proprietary file type!) for the highest quality sound ever!
  • The FX3 also comes standard with FOXPRO's long-range TX-5LR remote control--the industry's best remote control. Features of the FX3's remote include the ability to instantly change sounds, 100 step volume controls with quick step for ultra-smooth transition in volume changes, a pause/mute feature, and the ability to remotely control FOXPRO's Jack-in-the-Box decoy.
  • New for the FX3 is the ability to control up to 3 FOXPRO's independently from one transmitter.
  • The FX3 also features a backlit LCD display on the main unit, sound up and sound down buttons, and a rotary volume control/power switch for control of the unit without the transmitter.
  • Other features include an external audio jack, auxiliary jack (decoy), low battery detector, and a charge jack, which will double as a plug in for an optional power pack (also offered by FOXPRO).
  • Easy operation even with gloves.
  • Excellent low temperature operation, down to -40 degrees.
  • The FX3 will operate from 8AA alkaline batteries, but the optional NiMH batteries are strongly recommended for optimum performance. In addition, a charger is available which will allow for a fast charge from a vehicle.
  • The FX3 features one of the industry’s best 5-Year Warranties. As always, FOXPRO's FX3 is made right here in the USA!

Jack-In-The Box

Fx3 Features | Back to Top | Q & A | Pictures

Works with the optional FOXPRO "Jack-In-The Box" Predator Decoy

Click Here to see a video clip of the new Jack in The Box decoy (takes about 30 seconds to load on a dial up modem - worth the wait). At the beginning of the video, you will see the decoy at its normal speed. Then, the switch is selected to change the decoy to a fast speed. The decoy features a switch that will turn on a speaker that will play a rodent distress sound to the motion of the decoy. There is also a switch that will allow you to turn on an LED light that will illuminate the decoy for night time use. There is a jack on the base that will allow you to connect the decoy to your FOXPRO to give you the ability to start the decoy with the press of the AUX button. A second press of the AUX button will stop the motion of the decoy, and also stop the rodent sound. There is also a delay switch, that when activated, will delay the motion of the decoy for 60 seconds. While in the delay mode, the decoy will move for 10-15 seconds, then rest for 5-10 seconds, and start again. The decoy can also be used independently (without the need of your FOXPRO remote). Testing shows that battery life is about 60 hours in the fast mode, and much greater in the normal mode. The decoy is configured to operate on 4 "C" alkaline batteries.

FOXPRO FX3 Questions & Answers

Fx3 Features | "Jack-in-the-Box" | Back to Top | Pictures

Will the unit hold up to extreme cold temps? We have taken all precautions to ensure that the unit will operate very well at cold climates. The display on the unit is the same one that we are using on our TX-5LR transmitters. These displays feature a high / low temp fluid for extreme cold or hot conditions. Every component that we have used in the units are industrial grade parts. Since our beginning (10 years ago), we have been aware of the need for our units to operate in very low temps, and we have chosen components that will operate at very low temps.

Will the Jack Plug In's be protected from moisture intrusion? The production molds will also feature jack covers to prevent mud or moisture from entering the jacks. These covers will stay on the unit, and not be just a plug.

What is the approx. battery life? If you leave the unit on at medium volume with one speaker playing, you will get approx. 5-7 hours of operation. With 2 speakers playing at medium volume, that time frame will go down to about 3-4 hours. These are just rough estimates. Since both amplifiers are identical, the current drained from the battery to operate each speaker will be about the same. Remember, that the total amplifier power output is 14 watts RMS with both speakers driven. Battery life is cut in half when operating both speakers at once. The front horn speaker will play louder because reflex horn speakers have greater efficiency than do cone speakers. However, the cone speaker is able to reproduce frequencies outside the limits of a horn speaker. FOXPRO also will be offering external power packs for those that require extended run times. The user will also be able to connect an external 12 volt battery (car or gel cell) that could give days of continuous use.

Ok great, I get 32 calls of my choice, is there a way to get additional FOXPRO calls/sounds for the FX3? Yes, FOXPRO will offer the ability to purchase (download from the Internet) more calls in increments of 16 calls for $20.00 from their library of calls. These calls can be downloaded & stored on your home computer and swapped out with the calls on your FX3 by via the USB 2.0 plug-in. Revolutionary idea! - Allows you to manage and swap-out calls on your FX3 or even customize the calls on the unit as per your desires and the target prey or predator you're after.

What are the options for rechargeable battery packs? FOXPRO is offering 8 AA NiMH batteries and a standard wall charger for $29.95. The charger that is used on non-FX3 FOXPRO products will not work with the FX3 (battery voltage is different on the FX3). The NiMH batteries that come in this kit are 2500mAh batteries.

Will an optional (3rd external) speaker be available? Yes, a new external speaker (Model SP108Z), that has proved to be much more efficient and with smoother frequency response will be offered. This large external speaker will sell for $74.95. FOXPRO has worked very closely with a US manufacturer for this speaker (It is made in the USA!).

What is the procedure in replacing sounds on the FX3 / let’s say you wanted to replace just one sound do you remove the sound that is already there? If so how is that done without changing anything with the other sounds? Do you have to reformat & if so which format are you using? It will be very easy to replace sounds on the FOXPRO from your computer. As stated, the FX3 has a USB port built in, and we provide a USB cable with every unit. When you plug the USB cable into the FX3 and your computer, a prompt will come up saying that FX3 has been found, and then you click to get to your sound list. Every sound on your FX3 will be assigned a number and a name. The numbering sequence will be from 000 to 031. This is a total of 32 sounds. If you want to change sound number 15, just click your new sound, and drag it into the new sound list. Then, all you have to do is add the number 015 in front of your new sound, drag out or eliminate 015 from your old sound number 15, and that's it. Your new sound will now be in position number 15. FOXPRO also has a free utility that will allow you to print out a new sound label for your FX3 at that time.

Fx3 Features | "Jack-in-the-Box" | Q & A | Back to Top

002fx3.jpgFX3 Battery Storage Compartment


FX3 USB 2.0 Port Inside Battery Compartment

004fx3.jpgMossy Oak Brush


Mossy Oak Break Up


Realtree Max1

007fx3.jpgPrairie Ghost Snow

FX3 Comes in 4 Camouflage Options - Mossy Oak Brush, Mossy Oak Break-Up, Realtree Max1, and Prairie Ghost Snow.

Our experts will assist you in call selection picks - Need some help? ... Not sure of which calls to pick? Our staff is made up of avid (fanatic) predator hunters, we would be happy to assist or answer any technical or functionality questions on the FX3.

NOTICE: This product has been replaced by the FOXPRO Firestorm model.

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