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Compucaller 3


Key Compucaller III Features

Burnham Brothers, the first in hand calls, first in electronic calls, and the first in digital electronic callers introduce the COMPUCALLER III.

  • Two-Way remote control with backlit screen.
  • Access sound selection you desire, Volume level, and Start / Stop.
  • Powerful built in amplifier, 20 watt speaker, 123dbs of volume!
  • Rechargeable NiHH Battery - AC and DC chargers included.
  • Also capable of operating with 8 AA batteries.
  • Hide caller in plain sight in with included water resistant camouflaged bag.
  • 16 calls are included with the capability of expanding to 32 calls (using 8 sound expansion cards).
  • Weighs only 2.25 pounds
  • Each Compucaller 3 comes with 2 sound cards containing 8 sounds each. Included calls:
  1. Grown Cottontail (CC80)
  2. Cottontail Duet (CC83)
  3. Baby Cottontail (CC79)
  4. Half-Grown Jackrabbit (CC10)
  5. Yellowhammer Woodpecker (#S)
  6. Coyote Pup and Cottontail (CC85)
  7. Coyote Howl (CC24C)
  8. Lip Squeak (CC11A)
  9. Grown Jackrabbit (CC86)
  10. Fawn Distress (CC26)
  11. Canine Pup (CC54)
  12. Coyote Pup whines (CC69)
  13. Grey Fox Pup (CC38)
  14. Baby Raccoon (CC95)
  15. Pair of Crows (CC102)
  16. Crows Fighting over Baby Crow (CC104)

Preprogrammed call selection is subject to change without notice

Includes advanced hand-held remote control with LCD display, 16 calls, rechargeable NIMH battery with AC and DC charger, and camouflaged carry bag.

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