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Custom Calls

AllPredatorCalls.com offers a small but growing selection of custom made predator calls from call makers like Rick Robbins (RR Predator Calls,) Kerry Carver (Carver Calls), and Bees O'Brien to mention a few.

Custom calls differ from mass produced calls in two key areas.

First, each custom call is hand-tuned by the builder to ensure proper pitch and tonal qualities, where as mass produced calls often have a wide variance in tonal qualities even between two identical call models, this is because of inconsistent reed and tone board properties.

Second, the material composition of the call in combination with the reed and or tone board will have profound impact on the pitch, frequency, and tonal qualities of the vocalization produced. Because of the importance of call body composition, custom call builders use more expensive materials to build there calls from such as hardwoods, antler and horn, and acrylic